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Willie Lights Libarace's Candleabra
Willie with Liberace
Willy with Gloria Vanderbilt
Willie with Spencer Tracy
Willy with Harold Lloyd
Willy with Liberance 2
Willy with Margaret O'Brian and Bing Crosby
Willie with Marlene Dietrich
Willie with Jackie Gleason
Willie with Hopalong Cassidy
Willie with General George Marshall
Spencer Tracy is Fascinated
Stewart & Emmett
Rip Taylor, Red Skelton and Willie
Red Skelton and Emmett
Lucille Ball, Willie, Flip Wilson and Carol Burnett
Emmett with Ward Kimball
Emmett with Red Skelton
Emmett with Pat O'Brian
Emmett with Clark Gable
Emmett with Frank Sinatra
Emmett & Otto Greibling
Emmett & Lou Jacobs
Emmett & Henry Fonda
Emmett & Bette 1977
1947 Famous RBBB Circus Clowns Steinmetz Collection
Rub-A-Dub Willie Takes a Bath 1955
Emmett Putting on Make-Up 2
Emmett Putting on Make-Up
Willie touching up his makeup
Emmett Getting Ready
Emmett Getting Ready2
Emmett putting on clown shoes
Emmett Getting Made-Up
3 Emmett Becoming Willie - Steinmetz Collection
2 Emmett Becoming Willie - Steinmetz Collection
Collage of Emmett putting on make-up
Emmett & Felix Adler, Seattle 1955
Emmett Becoming Willie - Steinmetz Collection
Mr and Mrs Emmett Kelly
Evie, Emmett and Stasia
Emmett and girls in Miami 1960
Emmett and Mrs. Kelly and Monika and Stasia
Emmet's family, Bill Pringle & Clyde Beatty
Christmas with the Kellys
Family with Col. Louis Schlossen, Jr.
Showing Henry Fonda How it's Done
Wash Day for Willie's Costume
Young Emmett
Evi, Emmett & Bill Harrah
Emmett Kelly, Sr.
Emmett without makeup
Emmett Typing Letters
Emmett as the Piper in The Clown & The Kids 1964
Emmett as Trapeze Artist
Emmett in Austria in 1953
Emmet sans make-up
Emmett in Thought
Emmett Kelly reading newspaper
Emmett Picking Out Fruit
Emmett drawing picture
Emmett & Eva Poster
Emmett & Self-Portrait
Kelly Self-Portrait
Emmett in Trapeze Garb
Emmett's Angst
Cartoon Drawing 1
Cartoon Drawing 2
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